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Burning Ball Issues with FB

Post by quirkyFB on Mon Mar 07, 2011 10:18 am

I have recently noticed a major issue with fb. WhenEveR I deactivate my fb account for awhile, my tagged photos count seem to decrease, I dunno why. My total num of frenz are still the same, no one has deleted me yet the photos count has decreased from 105 to 100 then when my frenz tagged me in new pix it became 104 and now when I deactivated for awhile to not be distracted and then logged in again, the count went to 101. I have absolutely no clue what's happening, I have never faced such an issue before. It din happen jus once but both the times I deactivated my fb acc. Does anyone else have this issue? It can't be frenz choose to untage me every time I deactivate bcose most of them have such long fb frenz list, I doubt they go searching for me to untag associated pix. Anyways they can't untag when am deactivated since my profile doesn appear in their search nor frenz list so there's definitely something screwed with fb. I can't find a solution to this nor can I find other fb discussion forums so I posted here. Hope to hear from someone soon. Arrow Arrow


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