Increase the distance with Ping K15 irons

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Increase the distance with Ping K15 irons

Post by linday on Wed Nov 23, 2011 11:23 pm

The ones that should have fun playing the


K15 Irons and hybrids are those that are fighting their longer

irons or want increased distance. If you are getting to that point

where you cannot match your son or anybody else that you play with

that's younger than you, you'll be able to exchange signal of a much

better set of equipment to allow for more distance inside your game.

When you can overcome your game from 175 yards and out you've got a

better possibility of reaching more greens in regulation along with a

better probability of playing better golf. When it is possible to

reach more greens you may turn bogeys into pars and pars into birdies.

Imagine what which could do in order to the score you turn in at the

conclusion of your round.


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